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Horizon Capital Partners is wholly-owned by the Whipple family with no outside investors. For over 40 years, Ross Whipple has invested in timber, banking and other long-term investments. Ross Whipple began his career in the timber business under the guidance of his cousin and mentor, Jane Ross, and has managed and grown through acquisitions the Whipple family’s timberland since 1976.

From 1989 to 2014, Mr. Whipple focused primarily on banking operations, beginning with his leadership of Horizon Bank, which sold to Mercantile Bancorporation (now US Bank) in 1998 and following with the founding of Summit Bancorp in 2000, which sold to Bank of the Ozarks in 2014. Following the sale of Summit Bank, the Whipple Family began operating a family office to manage timber operations and seek new capital investments focused on long-term value creation.

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